With Xeno2, an architecturally clear shape is combined with the power of nature. 

citterio by Antonio Citterio

In the citterio collection of bathroom accessories, its designer Antonio Citterio combined puristic and natural design elements and thus created a unique climate that reflects the spirit of an ambitious Italian design. Geometrically straight lines and organic, gently rounded shapes make up the whole. High quality and innovative materials complement each other perfectly in their charming diversity. Thanks to Citterio, bathrooms fascinate us with their simple and timeless elegance.


The series of Silk accessories for the bathroom is a gift for the lady of the house, wrapped with many comfortable accessories. Such a bathroom is a great place to escape the everyday hustle and bustle; it is so attractively designed that it does not make an imposing impression. Silk combines the charm of an elegant and exciting form with an exclusive comfort right down to the finest detail. It is a perfect solution for bathrooms that set high standards of comfort. 

Preciosa II

Preciosa II by Bernd Brohammer is a collection of bathroom accessories. The designer focuses on clear structures that make life less complicated. Rectangles and circles are in a graphically clear combination. Preciosa II demonstrates clarity and precision together with the power of an aesthetically simple form. Geometry in a pure form for the rooms characterized by architectonic precision.


The myDay collection of bathroom accessories is the essence of dreams; of gentle and natural aesthetics that ensure a good mood. The essence of dreams; of an oasis of peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will grasp one's lifestyle. In the myDay collection large arcs and smooth forms come to the forefront and its design gives the bathroom a natural delicacy framed in elegance. At the same time, thanks to the flexibility of its composition, it is possible to individually select the interior equipment.


With Mattis, the bath tub by Keramag Design that can be placed anywhere in the room, having a bath becomes an enjoyable experience enhanced by stylish design.


Opale is simple, slim and with a total installation height of just 130 mm, it is a clear statement of innovative shower room design. With a fl at design and high aesthetic standards, Opale is a completely new shower tray range that can be tailored to meet personal installation requirements. A unique, fully-integrated and patented water drainage system gives it the lowest installation height of any flat shower tray on the market and enables the tray to level with the floor. Perfect for a new type of freedom for the shower room.